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Terry & Jerry Copeland


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Jeanne &  Mike Pigliavento


Alicia & Nick Houle


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Kim & Robert C Pryor


Scott Hooker


Noah Friedman


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The Beauregard Family



Our volunteers work tirelessly to make things happen.  Behind the scene they play an integral part in His Work International, Inc.  


With enthusiasm our volunteers offer their time, their resources and provide valuable inputs to the organization.  They help plan and coordinate fundraising activities, attend meetings, recruit other volunteers, etc..  


Some have gladly served in past fundraising activities.  Some have participated in previous mission trips while others look forward to the next trip.


We are excited about their willingness to serve with us.  As we move forward, we expect God to send more volunteers our way to advance His Work.



Please consider donate your time and talents to His Work International, Inc.  There is something for Everyone to do...


God Bless our Volunteers!  


*** SPECIAL THANKS to our  Professional Builders & Electricians for taking the time to go serve with us ***

We're excited about your willingness to serve with us , to take on this enormous task.  

Thank you for offering your time, your skills, and your resources.  HWI could not exist without you!!!